Peter Frampton
NASA & Peter hook up!

Peter spoke via video chat with NASA astronaut Ron Garan from the International Space Station on August 5 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Frampton, who was introduced to Garan by friend and guitarist Davy Knowles, first spoke with the astronaut via email and made arrangements for a chat at the Warfield Theater concert. Audience members were able to share the experience with Frampton who called it “a moment I will never forget.” NASA will post the conversation on the NASA TV Video File, and on their web and YouTube sites.

Footage can also be viewed at and also divider

On Thursday November 4th Peter made an appearance on the Oprah show entitled 'Teen Heartthrob Surprises.' For more info, please go to Also, there is extra behind the scenes footage of Peter at home at divider
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"Show Me the Way"

"I Want It Back"