Peter's drummer joined the band in February 2008. Dan Wojciechowski grew up in Warren, Michigan.......and has been playing drums since age 5. Along with a GREAT SUPPORTIVE family, and some AWESOME teachers / band directors, Dan played and recorded with various bands until moving to Texas to attend UNT in 1983.

He was involved with the award winning drumline and other ensembles, and after 2 years and 4 albums with the One O’Clock Lab Band, a world-renowned large jazz ensemble, (1986-1987) he graduated with a Bachelors of Music Education in 1988. He then became involved in the Dallas studio scene, playing with some local bands and traveling around the country recording various projects. While playing with Random Axis, a local pop band, he met music writer/producer Eric Foster White, who was in town mixing a project, and was asked to do an album for pop-reggae artist, Andru Donalds in NYC. A second album followed, and a tour to Japan to promote his hit: ‘Mishale’. He also worked with Eric on some other projects including The Backstreet Boys 'Millenium' CD.

After recording the song ‘On The Side Of Angels’ with LeAnn Rimes, in Tyler, Texas, he then embarked on an extensive tour with her, involving some more recording ( 'Sitting On Top Of The World' CD), followed by a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula for a Direct TV special: Music in High Places. Steve Holy’s CD, 'Blue Moon', that included the number one single ‘Good Morning Beautiful’, was also recorded around this time.

Dan had been doing various recordings and gigs over the years with guitarist Andy Timmons, who was asked to take on the Music Director position with Olivia Newton-John. Since then, Dan has been touring the world with Olivia Newton-John and Andy Timmons Band, both of who have recently released live concert DVD's.

He can also be heard on countless commercials and other music for radio and TV: CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and most recently, shows such as: 'Dancing With The Stars' and a trailer for the television show ‘Heroes’. Other movie soundtracks include: 'Good Will Hunting', 'Quest For Camelot', 'Driven', 'Angel Eyes', and 'Land Before Time'. Some of the artists that Dan has recorded and/or toured with are:

Olivia Newton-John
Andy Timmons Band
LeAnn Rimes
Backstreet Boys
Steve Holy
Quinten Hope
Andru Donalds
Matthew Ward
Tom Faulkner
Curtis Stephen
Susan Gray

Photo by JOHN LILL
Dan proudly uses these products:
DW drums
Zildjian cymbals
Vic Firth sticks
Etymotic Research Ear Monitors