Peter with Steve Marriott January 1991

Peter in 1994

Peter in concert 1995

In late 1990, Peter contacted his old friend Steve Marriott and began a musical collaboration with him that seemed to have great potential. Sadly, the project was doomed, as Steve was tragically killed in a fire at his home in April 1991. By this time, Peter had cowritten 4 songs with Steve, and recorded 3 of them in LA, rehearsing a band to go out and play. This was the first time they had worked together since 1971, and Peter had even jammed with Steve at a small pub in London.

PF - "We were very close, and we were working together right up until the time he died. We we were not going to redo Humble Pie, but this was gonna be a Peter Frampton/Steve Marriott, Steve Marriott/Peter Frampton project. But the good thing is we did get to write and work and record together, and you can actually hear them on CDs I put out. There's three songs on three different CDs. But, here I was with a partner again, feeling that I was back on track and all of a sudden, he's gone. It was another reason I felt I had to go back on the road".

And he did, this time concentrating on small clubs and venues, in an effort to return to his roots and stay close to the audience. What was to be six weeks turned into seven months, ultimately growing from clubs - breaking the attendance record at New York's Ritz - to playing 15,000 seat amphitheaters in other cities.

PF - "It was phenomenal, especially since I didn't even have a new album to promote".

In 1994, Peter released a self-titled album on Relativity Records, and once again hit the road to support it. The classic guitar work, crisp and melodic, combined with his trademark pop sensibility with a rock song, were evident throughout. Then, in 1995, Peter decided to release another live album. For this album, FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE II, the band of Bob Mayo (also on Frampton Comes Alive!) on keyboard, guitar and vocals, John Regan on bass, and John Robinson (J.R.) on drums, rehearsed for three weeks for a road trip all geared to the last three nights of recording.

PF - "We recorded all three nights, but we filmed just the second one. We didn't talk about it, but we all mentally geared ourselves to this one night which had to be great. It happened to be. Also, FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE II HAD to be recorded in San Francisco! That town picked up on me before everybody else. That was the reason the first one was done there. There is a special feeling that an S.F. audience gives you. It's always going to be great in S.F. Of course, nothing is ever perfect. That's the excitement about it. Whether you've come 800 miles, or from your home, down to the local gig, whatever it is, the whole day is taken up with getting ready for this one two hour event."

In 1997, he played on Bill Wyman's CD, 'The Rhythm Kings: Struttin' Our Stuff'. Later that year, he and Wyman played together in Europe to promote the CD along with Gary Brooker, Albert Lee, Georgie Fame and Beverly Skeets. Plus there were many other projects - including concerts to benefit the aid work in Bosnia and other charity work, two tours with Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band in 1997 and 1998, an appearance on VH-1's Hard Rock Live series, his 1998 tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd, an appearance on the Simpsons as himself, a collaboration with eMedia Guitar Method to support and endorse their guitar tuition program, producing singer/songwriter Eric Stuart, and a performance with the British Rock Symphony in New York City!

PF - "To me now, success has a different meaning than before. I've been there, done that, and I'm very proud and grateful for the success, but basically the family always comes first now. Where before it was always "me, me, me, career, career, career", now as you get a little older, you have children, and I want to spend a little more time with them. So I'm not as driven as I was for success, success, me I'm extremely successful right now. I've got a wonderful family and a great career. But that doesn't mean to say that I'm not gonna put out lots more albums and I plan on doing started off as my hobby, music, playing guitar, and it always will be, no matter I would just be doing things that I wanna do, as always, and if people pick up on it, that would be wonderful, if they don't, then I'm still enjoying myself."

With Ringo Starr

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